Turnbury at Palm Aire

SOLD- Turnbury at Palm Aire

236 unit class A Community

Location: Sarasota, Florida

Sturbridge, Audubon

FINANCED- Sturbridge, Audubon, Polo's Apartments

Portfolio of 3 Class A communities
Senior debt and Mezzanine debt $64,000,000

Location: Montgomery, AL & Greenville, SC

Madison at River Sound

JOINT VENTURE-Madison at River Sound

385 unit class A community

Structured $42,000,000 joint venture in which the
Owner/Operator received equity & maintained Management

Location: Atlanta GA.

Oaks at Broad River

FINANCED- Oaks at Broad River

325 unit Class A community

$18,850,000 Senior debt and Mezzanine debt

Location: Beaufort. South Carolina.

Grandview Apartments

FINANCED- Grandview Apartments

265 unit community

$6,900,000 Fannie Mae Senior Loan

Location: St Louis, MO.

Columbus Ohio Portfolio

FINANCED & SOLD- Columbus Ohio Portfolio


3 multifamily communities totaling 725 units

Buyer representation on sale & loan assumption x2

New Origination Fannie Mae -$12,000,000

Location: Columbus, Ohio.

210 Watermark, Bradenton
Florida apartment complex with resort-style pool

SOLD- 210 Watermark, Bradenton.


210 unit class A multifamily community

Location: Bradenton, FL.

Artisan Cove Apartments

PRINCIPLE- Joint Venture & Financing-Artisan Cove Apartments.

21-unit apartment renovation, Towels court & Laurel Park area

Construction, Management & Leasing.

Location: Sarasota, FL.




Red Hawk Reserve

Sold - Developed Lot

Red Hawk Reserve 64 Lots- $2,200,000

Red Hawk Reserve Phase II- $2,016,000

Location: Sarasota, FL.

West Lakes Plaza

Sold Land for Shopping center & outparcels


Walmart & Wawa under development

Location: SR 70 & Lockwood Ridge, Bradenton, FL

Golf Course Land

SOLD- Golf Course- additional Land for Development


Land to develop 60 lots and minor course changes

Location: Sarasota, Florida

The Concession

SOLD- Lots in Concession


3 model lots

Location: Bradenton, Florida

Kenileworth Lots

SOLD- Kenileworth Lots (11)


For Single family homes

Location: Sarasota, Florida

Magnolia Valley Golf Course

FINANCED- Magnolia Valley Golf Course
& Additional Outparcels


Senior loan-bank

Location: New Port Richey, Florida

Palmetto Self Storage

SOLD-Palmetto Self Storage (land for development)


Location: Ellenton, Florida


Lockwood Village Plaza

LEASING- Lockwood Village Plaza

29,000 SF Shopping Center

SOLD- $3,525,000


Location: Sarasota, Florida

Manatee West

FINANCE & SALE- Manatee West

SOLD- $4,500,000 (1031 exchange)

FINANCED-$3,600,000 (CMBS)

Location: Bradenton, Florida

Gandy Shoppes

FINANCED- Gandy Shoppes

$2,800,000 (CMBS)

Location: Tampa, Florida

301 Retail

FINANCED-301 Retail(Bank)


Location: Sarasota, Florida

Circle K US 41


SOLD- $1,726,000


LEASE- 15 years NNN

Location: US 41, Sarasota, Florida

Real World Building

FINANCED- Real World Building


Mixed Use Building

Location: Denver, Colorado


3 Limited Service Hotels

Sold- Portfolio- 3 limited service hotels

$16,050,000 & $13,000,000

Location: Tampa and Venice, Florida

4 Full Service Hotels

FINANCED-New York Portfolio of 4 full service hotels

Holiday Inn-$7,400,000

Holiday Inn-$5,800,000

Holiday Inn- $6,400,000


Location: Tampa and Venice, Florida


4 ALF/Senior Housing Facilities

SOLD- Portfolio of 4 ALF/Senior Housing Facilities-one owner

Brentmoor-Minot, ND $9,100,000

Oaktree- St Louis, MO $26,000,000

Brentmoor Place-St. Louis, MO $6,000,000

Brentmoor Retirement- St. Louis, MO $12,500,000


Medical Office

FINANCED- Medical Office

$6,800,000 (CMBS)

Owner Occupied-MD

Location: Sarasota, Florida

Office building

FINANCED- Office building

$17,000,000 10 year CMBS

Location: Clearwater, Florida