Permanent Long-Term Financing

SRA can assist you in placing long-term financing for all property types. Permanent financing requires strong properties financials, and confidence in the long term viability of the investment. SRA will work directly with you to develop a plan on how best your objectives can be met, and match your needs with the best lending source. Anyone can send information to a lender, but SRA will provide the underwriting and guidance needed for the lender to make a good decision the first time they see it. They key to permanent debt is not shopping it all over, but finding the right source for your objectives, and having a relationship with that lender to work through any problems that arise.

Acquisition Loan Financing

Acquisition financing can make or break a transaction. Many potential purchasers utilize assumptions on debt to develop their purchase price, and if you are too far off, it kills the deal. SRA, with experience in both finance and sales can assist you in the initial underwriting of your purchase. We can provide real time debt assumptions, and in most cases even have letters of intent from lenders for you to provide your sellers during the due diligence process. Most importantly, SRA will provide the expertise to get to the closing table. Too many brokers just walk away once they introduce you. Our goal is to close, and we don't get paid if you don't close. Part of our services assist you in the coordination of legal, third parties and lender requirements. This includes but not limited to site visits, appraisals, surveys, environmental and any other issues that may need our assistance to facilitate a smooth closing.

Short-Term Bridge Financing

Interim financing can provide real estate investors with a financial solution for a variety of challenging situations. Short-term bridge financing is available in any number of structures and options and the seasoned professionals at Stockton Realty Advisors can help you navigate these alternatives and work with the right lender to provide the most favorable terms for your investment needs. Bridge loans are often associated with time sensitive situations and SRA works to expedite the process and secure the funding you need as quickly as possible.

Construction Financing

Stockton Realty Advisors can assist you with your development and construction financing needs. Most often the need is for senior construction financing, and other times the real solution is a combination of additional equity and construction financing or a joint venture a partner that brings some other type of experience, or net worth to the project. Underwriting the project as to how a lender would see it before you present the project to the lender can save you hundreds of thousands if you know what the lender is looking for. This fact is, far too often this practice is overlooked and causes many viable projects to never get off the ground. At SRA, we can help you develop that presentation, so the lender is excited and comfortable meeting you financing needs and is confident their investment is protected.

Mezzanine Financing

Many mezzanine loans are closed out of necessity, some are closed because the cost of the mezzanine loan is less than the cost of equity. Whatever your motivation, we can help you underwrite and get the best loan available for your needs. If the senior lender will not allow for a mezzanine loan, we can also substitute it for a preferred equity provided, most of the time with a similar structure or overall cost. At SRA, we can provide you multiple opportunities, and you can chose which best fits your needs.

What is often overlooked is that not all senior lenders provide mezzanine loans. It is often a third party which requires inter creditor agreements and such that can delay closings and create another level of approvals. SRA, through its experience and relationships has a group of preferred lenders that provide both senior debt and mezzanine debt from the same source, streamlining the process and removing many roadblocks that may occur with other lenders, increasing the certainty of closing.

Structured Joint Venture Financing

Stockton Realty Advisors has used Structured Joint Venture Financing to assist clients with additional cash needs, partnership issues, and experience issues. Many times a solution to a deal that seems impossible to finance is a Structure Joint Venture. While this may get a bit complicated and involve more parties, sometimes it makes a lot of sense, and two groups in the deal add more value than the one by itself.

Many owner operators of multifamily want to tap into the equity of their current portfolio, but don't want to lose the management of the property. This may be something you want to discuss with us. We successfully negotiated a structured JV that allowed just that.